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All In One Wireless Tripod Selfie Stick

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Ships From: United States
Color: Black


Brand Name: BlitzWolf 

Material: Carbon Fiber 

1/4 Screw Port (No Assembly Required)
Compatible with All 1/4 screw port compact smart devices, effortlessly holds action cameras, and digital cameras.
Integrated Design
More compact than ever before. You can use the selfie stick when taking self-portraits in handle mode, recording videos and making a live show in tripod mode. Especially,BS10 Sport can hold a camera and a phone at the same time for dual visual angle.
Anti-sway Special Slot Design
Prevent the sports camera or mobile phone from swinging.
Removable and Rechargeable Mini-Remote
50mAh high capacity battery gives you 40 working hours and 20,000 consecutive photos per charge.
Light and Retractable Stable Tripod
Built with aluminum alloy and rubber, the BS10 Sport is lightweight and holds steady in your hands.The tripod stand also has added rubber support for extra stability.
Up to 720mm Length
You can get more in the shot with a wider view.