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AULA H512 RGB Backlight Gaming Mouse

Original price $26.31 - Original price $26.31
Original price $26.31
$46.00 - $46.00
Current price $46.00
Color: Black


Brand Name: AULA

Number of Rollers: 1

Number of Buttons: 7

Operation Mode: Opto-electronic(Opto-electronic)

6 LED Breathing lighting effect

Switch DPI Between 400 DPI and 5000 DPI To Present 6 Different LED Cool Lighting Effects

6 DPI Adjustable

400/800/1600/2400/3200/5000 DPI Adjustable

Professional Gaming Sensor

High precision sensor P3325

Ergonomics Design

the machine body adopts ergonmic design and each part isindividually carved touched accurately without skidding

Adjustable weight system

You can adjust the weight of your mouse with the included 3x4g weight

Professional Gaming Mouse